Book Release - The Auditor: Adventures in Sex

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The Auditor: Adventures in Sex - Book Cover

Daken Publishing Syndicate LLC announces the official publication of The Auditor: Adventures in Sex, a psychological thriller about a simple male auditor named Walter discovers, via the research of a doctoral candidate in psyhology that if a woman sees him naked, she will immediately fall in love with him and will do anything to get him to make love with her. How is this possible? 

King Solomon was reputed to have 300 wives plus hundreds of concubines. Other powerful men in history have also maintained relationships with multiple women. Even today, Arab shieks commonly have harems containing dozens of women who willingly serve them in intimate ways. Even many politicians around the world maintain relationships with multiple women at the same time. How do they do this? The Auditor: Adventures in Sex suggests a physiological way that men can do this.

Is it possible for this to be controlled or will The Auditor have to live the life of a recluse so that he does not harm more women? Order your copy today on Amazon or from your favorite bookseller.

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Publishing Solutions For Your Project

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The world of book publishing has changed considerable over the last 20 years. Many of the standard book publishers have either gone out of business or have survived by becoming part of a large conglomerate. Most importantly, if you cannot get your book on Amazon's massive website, your sales will be limited. Even if you get your book on Amazon, if you do not market it right, getting sales is difficult, if not impossible. Books do not sell themselves, they need pushes from third-party sources. The trick is to get them to push your materials without forcing the author to make a significant investment in the marketing forums.

Writing for the Human Relations Publishing Market is the most difficult type of writing an author can do. All it takes is one picture a censor does not like and your book is called "smut" and relegated to the mercy of the "adult" bookstores around the world. Marketing in that world is difficult and often frustrating. Most adult bookstore owners do not know what will really sell for them, so they stick with what they think has sold well for them in the past. As a result, pushing a new book is going to hit the proverbial "brick wall."

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

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The element of photography is essential to the development of a Human Relations Book. Sometimes, the best books show a little but suggest a lot more. The biggest subset of a human relations book is the boudoir photography that often accompanies that book. We have found over the years that "cold pornography" gives readers a massive "rush" but later leaves those readers unfulfilled and frustrated. Conversely, books that tell a story, but include the various elements of human relationships leave the reader satisfied but desiring more of that author's work.

Good Human Relations Books give the reader a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that other books cannot hope to do. It is not realistic to expect people to be in constant sexual relationships. People who do so are often the subject of Abnormal Psychology textbooks. However, sexual relationships are a part of the human experience. Adults looking for the complete human experience expect to find every element of sexuality contained within the book they are reading. Writers whose prose includes all the elements of the human experience find readers willing to read their books. It matters now whether the book is a romance novel, a detective novel, or even a historical novel.

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