A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

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The element of photography is essential to the development of a Human Relations Book. Sometimes, the best books show a little but suggest a lot more. The biggest subset of a human relations book is the boudoir photography that often accompanies that book. We have found over the years that "cold pornography" gives readers a massive "rush" but later leaves those readers unfulfilled and frustrated. Conversely, books that tell a story, but include the various elements of human relationships leave the reader satisfied but desiring more of that author's work.

Good Human Relations Books give the reader a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that other books cannot hope to do. It is not realistic to expect people to be in constant sexual relationships. People who do so are often the subject of Abnormal Psychology textbooks. However, sexual relationships are a part of the human experience. Adults looking for the complete human experience expect to find every element of sexuality contained within the book they are reading. Writers whose prose includes all the elements of the human experience find readers willing to read their books. It matters now whether the book is a romance novel, a detective novel, or even a historical novel.

Even if the only picture your book will have is on the cover, that photo must do something to attract the potential reader and entice them to select your book over the hundreds of other books that compete with your book. The objective is to place a picture on that book that will entice potential readers without crossing over that proverbial "line in the sand" into outright pornography. Whether you hire a boudoir photographer to photograph model(s) for your cover or you search one of the many photo distribution websites in search of pictures, it is important to keep that "line in the sand" firmly placed in your mind. If your cover shot is even one millimeter over the line, the risk that Amazon and the other big distributors will reject your book.

If you choose to hire a boudoir photographer to shoot one or more models, make sure the photographer has gotten signed releases from the models. Make sure a copy of that signed release is in your files in case a legal issue comes up later. It is equally important to find an attorney experienced in this kind of independent contractor work to draw up the release. If the model wants their own attorney to review your release, do not hesitate to allow this. A Model Release is a legal contract and courts have recognized since the days of English Common Law that contracts are a recitation of what both parties have agreed to. Sometimes, you have to realize that the model you want will not agree to a contract according to the conditions you set forth. When that happens, call the modeling agency and find another model. Never agree to contract conditions you are not comfortable with.

Photography is an integral part of the book development process. The right selection of a boudoir photographer and models may mean the difference between a successful book and one that just sells a few copies every year. Amazon is loaded with books that sell only a few copies a year. Since their business model depends upon their ability to print copies of books as they are ordered, they don't mind for the most part. They also do not mind carrying thousands of books published by their competitors or printed by one of Ingram's many companies. Reaching above that few copies a year threshold, requires smart work. Just throwing money into a project is no guarantee that you are going to generate a good project. Many photographers post their work on the Internet so you can evaluate their work rather quickly. The same holds true of models. Many of them have their own websites as well. Most modeling agencies also have pictures of their clients. The smart author uses all those resources to find just the right combination of photographer and model to enhance the probability that their book will do well.

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