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The world of book publishing has changed considerable over the last 20 years. Many of the standard book publishers have either gone out of business or have survived by becoming part of a large conglomerate. Most importantly, if you cannot get your book on Amazon's massive website, your sales will be limited. Even if you get your book on Amazon, if you do not market it right, getting sales is difficult, if not impossible. Books do not sell themselves, they need pushes from third-party sources. The trick is to get them to push your materials without forcing the author to make a significant investment in the marketing forums.

Writing for the Human Relations Publishing Market is the most difficult type of writing an author can do. All it takes is one wrong picture a censor does not like and your book is called "smut" and relegated to the mercy of the "adult" bookstore owners around the world. Marketing in that world is difficult and often frustrating. Most adult bookstore owners do not know what will really sell for them, so they stick with what they think has sold well for them in the past. As a result, pushing a new book is going to hit the proverbial "brick wall." Marketing then becomes expensive and your book unprofitable. Instead of marketing off Amazon and the book publishing sites that feed off of Amazon, your obliged to employ outdated 20th century methods of selling via outside salespeople who also sell other people's books as well.

It should be noted though that we do not necessarily disdain using nude pictures in our books and in some of our advertising. Much of it depends upon the content of the book. If the book contains sexual situations replete with nudity, then an illustration or photograph might be in order. Even then, it is important to understand that Amazon and other major book distributors disdain graphic nude scenes both photographically and in the words their books. They would rather that the author and publisher leave that kind of speculation up to the reader.

While some writers object to these constraints, most writers are willing to work around them and leave the reader to imagine what happened in that bedroom. Lovemaking is one of the most beautiful acts in all of humanity. Authors who respect this act are more than willing to write in such a way that readers are not humiliated to read the content. Also, writers have to understand that the days of objectifying women is coming to an end. Even though we find that many stock photo outlets still have more pictures of naked women than they do naked men, we also see a growing sense of balance coming to these outlets. We feel the day is coming when these stock photo outlets will either quit supplying naked pictures or at least attempting to strike a balance that everyone can work with.

The future of the Human Relations Publishing Market is in balance. While many books will still objectify women, they will find their way to the secondary markets while more balanced books take their place. Authors need to understand this and write accordingly. Thankfully, a lot of writing websites have arisen to help writer "get a handle" on the nuances of the 21st century market.

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