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Daken Publishing Syndicate, LLC is an organization dedicated to the publication of media in the Human Relations field. We create books about the complexities of human life and how people overcome those complexities. We develop and edit manuscripts submitted by independent authors, but also internally generate our own work. We also create the supporting media needed to design the book cover and to illustrate the inside of the book. Consistent with this goal, we do our own boudoir photography and encourage both male and female models to submit sample pictures. Models need to indicate whether they will do nude photography or not? While we do not have much call for nude models, occasionally, we have a project that calls for this kind of work. We will also accept photos from modeling agencies, provided we are given pricing structures.

Our goal is to bring Human Relations literature out of the "adult" bookstore and into the mainstream of media. We do this by creating books that are sensitive to both men and women, but still relate the issues that befall the human race. We feel that humanity has been rifled one one side by the ideas from the religious world that any discussion of human relations is "dirty" and should not be discussed, except in the confessionals and in dark, secret corners. Countering this radical "hush-hush" from the religious world, is a liberal "anything goes" attitude that promotes mindless sensuality, sexuality and promiscuity. We would hope that our books open up the real issues of Human Relationships and give readers sensitive entertainment that helps them cope with the problems of life.

Writers wishing to have their manuscripts evaluated should send us a synopsis of no more than three pages with a font of 12 points on a standard font. We will consider both fiction and non-fiction, though we specialize in fiction.

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