Book Release - The Auditor: Adventures in Sex

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The Auditor: Adventures in Sex

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Daken Publishing Syndicate LLC announces the official publication of The Auditor: Adventures in Sex, a psychological thriller about a simple male auditor who discovers, via the research of a doctoral candidate in psyhology that if a woman sees him naked, she will immediately fall in love with him and will do anything to get him to make love with her. It is not an unusual phenomenon in history, King Solomon was reputed to have 300 wives plus hundreds of concubines. Other powerful men in history have also maintained relationships with multiple women. Even today, Arab shieks commonly have harems containing dozens of women who willingly serve them in intimate ways. Even many politicians around the world maintain relationships with multiple women at the same time. How do they do this? The Auditor: Adventures in Sex suggests a physiological way that men can do this.

Meet Walter, a young CPA working at a large public accounting firm that audits the largest corporations in the world. On one fateful day, after finishing his workout at a co-ed gym, he sits on a bench after taking a shower and was toweling himself off. Suddenly, a woman named Joanne trips on a loose floor tile and falls into Walter’s lap. Embarrassed, she gets herself to her feet and apologizes profusely. Walter accepts her apology and considers the matter is done. But when he is signing out at the gym, Joanne again apologizes and offers to take him out to dinner. Since Walter is not a local, he accepts her dinner invitation.

They go out to dinner at a nice steak house and get to know each other. At the end of dinner, Joanne offers to take him to her place for a nightcap. Walter agrees not knowing what he is in for. They get to Joanne’s door and they kiss for the first time. Once they get inside, they kiss again but Joanne has a talent few women have. She undresses Walter down to his undershorts. Before long, he is naked, and Joanne seems to own him. He learns too late that she is doing a doctoral dissertation on male emotions. She seems to own him, and he does not care. They bed down for the night; she sleeps in her pajamas and Walter is naked.

Morning comes and when Walter wakes up, he finds that she has already dressed and has plans for him. Suddenly, he is a naked plaything for Joanne and all her friends. But, during that Joanne weekend, she discovers that every woman that sees Walter immediately falls in love with him and wants to bed him down. Joanne realizes that Walter has something special. She and her professor discover that Walter has a special gland in his brain that emits pheromones that emotionally binds to him, any woman who smells the pheromone. Before long, 300 women have fallen madly in love with Walter.

Before long, the CIA and the FBI notice this interesting anomaly. They move in to classify the project before Joanne and her professor can proceed too much further. But Walter and his firm move in to protect the project and force the government to fund the project in exchange for keeping things top secret. But after the project is funded, can Joanne and her professor continue to keep the government at bay or will they kidnap Walter and use him to create a synthetic pheromone they can use to subvert the world?

Can Joanne and her professor find the antidote to this pheromone? Can they keep the world governments, the sex industry, the cosmetics companies, and the pharmaceutical companies from stealing the pheromones, synthesizing them for financial gain and power over the world, to enslave the world? Will Walter be forced to live the life of a recluse because of the pheromones he creates but he cannot control?

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